Examples, samples etc.

On this page you can find quick links to some of my work without the need to scroll and search through a few years worth of blog posts – just click on the titles to see each item – please note these poems and recordings are copyright and may not be reproduced or used without permission. Should you wish to ask permission please email me at seamus@onepoetsvision.co.uk

You can also listen to some of my guest appearances on Radio Shows.

The video recordings are on my YouTube channel and the audio versions are held in my Soundcloud and the links below will open Soundcloud in a new window.

Smiling with their backs to the inferno – Video version

A platform I don’t know – audio version

Caravan of love – print version

Domestique – print version

I like people riding bikes – print version

Canakkale – print version

The curse – print version – audio version

Seahorses – print version

On the edge – print version

Dead eyes – print version

The churn – print version

Standby – print version –  audio version

Different dad – audio version


  • Guest appearance on Hannah’s Book Shelf on North Manchester Radio – Listen Here
  • Guest appearance on Weaving Words Radio Show, Defiant Radio – Listen Here