I Live in a broken world
Where men never were equal
Where wealth never was shared
Where hunger never will end

Where politicians’ promises
Are not kept
Where lies are denied
Where money doesn’t just talk
It argues
It persuades
It rules
Generating wealth
Or generating greed

We no longer live
We consume
We no longer need
We want
While costs soar
And values fall
Where real lives
Real problems
Real pain
And real poverty
Are zero-rated
For interest

Where celebrity equals credibility
Where rich men feel poorer
As house prices fall
Though their roof
Still keeps the rain out

Where a man’s worth
Is defined
By possessions
Where a man’s words
Outweigh his actions
Where impressions
Supersede reality

Yes I live in a broken world
And if I let it
It would suck me in
And I’d be broken too

I am of this world
A cog, integral
A part
But this part
Is not broken
Mens’ spirits are hard to break

Some are impossible

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