Just Poets “open mic” at the Baum, Rochdale

Just Poets are running their next open mic night on Sunday evening, 8th January 2012 at 8.00pm.

The session is always fun with a wide mix of poets and some music.

Best to arrive a bit ahead of the start time to get drinks from the bar and then head to the upstairs room for the session. Come and join us!

Weaving Words – Rochdale

Weaving Words is Rochdale’s creative writing group meeting in the Wheatsheaf Library at 5.30pm on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

The next meeting is on Monday 9th January 2012 and will be held in the room by the Maskew Collection upstairs in the library. The theme for the meeting is “New Life” and you are invited to bring along something written on the theme to share with the group.

There are regular workshops with those currently planned including;

23rd January – Chinese New Year – by Julia
27th February – Poetic Forms- by Sam
26th March – Fictional Monologues – by Maggie

All are welcome and details are also updated on our Facebook Group “Weaving Words”

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The beige and the greys

I was having fun fun thinking about at the way that older people tend to wear grey and beige and had the idea that Littlewoods, BHS and Greenwoods were pushers getting the older generation hooked on those colours – so here it is, another case of thinking too much:

There’s a new drug in town

Unscrupulous dealers skulking

Behind pseudo respectable facades

Littlewoods, Greenwoods, BHS

Pushing the beige and the greys

When you walk a little slowly

See a little less clearly

Hear a little more quietly

They’re on to you

Chasing the grey dragon

Advertising, peer pressure

They’ll do you a special deal

An offer you can’t refuse

Half price on pension day

Vouchers at the bingo

You think you’re in control

With defiant splash of colour

You think you’re one of us

Once bitten you’re hooked

You’re one of them now

Insidious beige and greys

You’ll blend in, fade away

Another lost generation

Colourless, powerless


And the dealers move on

Regroup and adapt

To younger victims

A beige hoody in Topshop

Grey Kickers in JJB

Don’t give up

Fight for your brights

Resist the bland

Dump the dealers

Don’t be colourless


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Big Print

Ever noticed how when you get to my age you need to hold things further away to read them, and then the text gets too small. There are two solutions bigger print or glasses. Of course sometimes we just try without either. If I wear my glasses I can’t see anything more than a few feet away so for poetry performance it has to be the big print:
Squinting, me?
I don’t think so!
It’s not me
It’s just the light
It’s too dim
Wrong sort of bulb
My eyes are fine

Reading at arms length
I don’t think so!
It’s not my age
It’s just the print
Poor quality
Wrong type of paper
My eyes are fine

Using big print, me?
I don’t think so!
It’s not me
It’s just the font
Big by nature
Default style
My eyes are fine

Got a prescription, me?
I don’t think so!
It’s not my eyes
It’s just the optician
Has to say something
Earn his pay
My eyes are fine

Giving in, me?
I don’t think so!
It’s not my eyes
The glasses?
They look cool
My eyes are fine

Going grey, me?
I don’t think so!
Can’t see it myself
My eyes are fine
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