And Eagles Were Kings

This is a poem about what humankind is doing to our world and how nature will ultimately reclaim it.

Gliding in the clear blue
As a dream or a thought
Sun warmed broad aquiline wings
He surveyed all
And he understood

The smoke is long gone
Blown on a thousand year wind
And just the shell remained
Brittle and dry, sapped of strength
Empty buildings, old and burned
Skyscrapers, apartments, churches
Temples to industry
Abandoned and desolate

Men thought they had answers
Unrivaled intellect
Complex society
A global economy
Men had too much

He sees the bones of society
Laid bare
Picked over by vultures of violence
Crushed by the hyena grip of despair
Men couldn’t set those shattered bones

And they crumble to dust
Grains of memory
Of a time men lived
Long ago

And he stretched his wings
In the clear blue
As a dream or a thought
And he understood
And eagles again
Were kings

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