Open Mic at the Red Lion, Littleborough

Finding out at the last minute that there was to be an open mic night in Littleborough at The Red Lion last night, 24th August, I finished my tea and hurried to get changed to see what was going on.

Arriving a few minutes after the start, I grabbed a Ginger Beer at the bar, and took a seat in the gap between readers. As I settled to listen to the next poet I found myself sharing a table with Pam Igoe Hall who I hadn’t met in a good few years since she was a regular at our Weaving Words writing group at Rochdale Library. Pam had taken a few years off from writing but is back with a vengeance and during the evening read two poems which struck a chord with the audience.

As well as a few seasoned regulars there were a good number of new faces around the room some of whom had never seen a poetry event before and one of those, Ian, even got up and read some classic poems.

The event was organised by Robin Parker, of Langley Writers, who read the story of Noah and his Ark with a new twist from his book, the Edenfield Scrolls.

Joe the Rochdale Ranter had a rant about Jeremey Kyle, and why not? Rhyming Ron should perhaps add a bit more alliteration and change his name to “Rather Rude Rhyming Ron” after performing two poems about the seedier side of life had the audience in stitches.

To finish the evening Norman Warwick gave a very powerful and emotionally charged rendition of his poem about the loss of his dear friend Townes Van Zandt – The Fade Away Diamond Time.

Into this mix during the first half I added some light amusement with “Different Dad” which you can read here. In the second half I was more serious with my poem about being lost in grief; “A Platform I Don’t Know” – that one you’ll be able to read in my soon to be launched book “Thinking Too Much”

You can read a little bit more about the book in my next post…..