Thinking Too Much – Praise from poet and writer James Nash


Thinking Too Much
A collection of Poems by
Seamus Kelly

After the launch of Thinking Too Much, in October 2015, I was delighted to receive the following comments about the collections from James Nash; one of the North’s foremost poets and writers and a man who has been a great inspiration for my work:

“Seamus Kelly’s poetry is the poetry of journeys and places. Sometimes that place is the past and sometimes it is where nature and people intersect. But always it is written with a kind of passionate precision, and with great humanity.”

After the introduction the book continues with a quote from Pablo Neruda’s La Injustica which seemed appropriate for inclusion after the introduction; speaking as it does about discovering others through discovering oneself.

“Quien descubre el quien soy descrubrira el quien eres”

Thinking too much contents page
There are 34 poems in the book covering a wide range of issues from family, love, death and illness, to my own views on society and some of the things that are wrong with it. Writing about others and oneself is indeed a process of discovery and a collection is a way of sharing some of what we have learned along the way. Of course it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are amusing and hopefully inspiring tales in this short collection and hopefully readers might make a few discoveries of their own.

A second print run is being prepared but there are still a handful of copies from the first print available. You can catch me and buy a copy at a poetry or writing event for £7 per copy – I’ll be happy to sign it for you.
If you would prefer to have a copy delivered to your door then that can be arranged by emailing me at and I can arrange payment through PayPal or cheque.