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  1. Cheers Pat, it wasn't originally going to be a poem but switching from prose often gives the piece more power, especially when read out loud. I think that's what I like bout poetry – more power per word.

  2. Full of admiration for the team in bringing out the creativity in these brave young people & letting their voices be heard. It must have been incredibly rewarding watching them grow in confidence and seeing their stories unfold. Hopefully more young people will benefit from similar projects in the future.

    • Hi Hilary, Thanks for your lovely and perceptive comment; it has indeed be very rewarding and we’d love to see more of this happening inn the future.

  3. What an amazing project and many congratulations to all of you and especially the brave young people taking part. This is so inspiring and positive and I look forward to hearing more about your project in the future. Well done to all

  4. Well done to all of the participants especially to the three who gave us an excellent, ad-lib, performance of a conversation overheard on a bus – well done to Eileen, Jenny and Val.

    It was great to see people using the techniques we discussed and scurrying around Touchstones collecting little word-sketches as they explored.

    Even through an unplanned change of room for the last half hour the group barely missed a beat and it was a privilege to work with you all. Excellent stuff!

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  6. Thanks for you technical support Dave, I agree that Eileen did really well and we all had a great time making the show. Maybe she’ll have us back to do another in the future.